Kaltiva Coffee Roasters, is a about cultivating relationships through coffee.

Founders Liam & Lloyd, legendary Perth roasters in their own right have been tantalizing the taste bugs of Australia's coffee enthusiasts with their own spin on specialty coffee. 

With multiple award winning coffees, you will find yourself being taken on an adventure through the many cultivars coffee has to offer.

With a new bigger and brighter roasting warehouse around the corner from where it all started, you will find a space dedicated to coffee appreciation and barista training, domestic and commercial coffee machines and grinders, a cool place to hang out and watch the roasting magic happen...

Liam Valiukenas (Head Roaster/Founder - Australia / NZ) - Liam, the big bearded bloke and avid coffee roaster / drinker who originally instigated the Kaltiva Coffee Roasting business concept has been in business since the day he left school.

His strong business ethics and old school customer service earned him previous nominations in the Australian 40 under 40 Australian business awards.

His interest to roast coffee on a professional scale started back in early 2015 when he began his progressive training through leading coffee roasting academy - Wolff College of Coffee (QLD) under Master Roaster, Peter Wolff and various boutique small batch master roasters overseas.

Since then Liam has continued to push the boundaries in coffee roasting and coffee grading with his "think outside the box" approach to his craft.

Liam is also the WA agent for Lelit and Profitec espresso machines and grinders (Universal Espresso Machines)

Lloyd Rainsford (Head Roaster/Founder - New Zealand) - Lloyd has been in the coffee industry for many years and earned his stripes working for some of Perth's favorite cafes and popular espresso bars. Owning and running his own cafes, he has a great understanding on how cafe's should be run, setup and managed. He has helped increase coffee turnover in cafes in excess of 50% gains and developed processes to help café owners maintain this year on year. Lloyd is a passionate and very skilled coffee roaster who pushes himself harder than most. He continues to grow his knowledge and gain respect from fellow roasters around Australia and overseas.

Lloyd is currently the Operations manager in New Zealand overseeing the expansion of Kaltiva Coffee Roasters & Café.

Both Lloyd & Liam are strong supporters of the coffee industry and you will generally find the two of them at most coffee events around Australia or experimenting late into the night with some amazing new coffees.