Specialty tea is made for the purposes of maximising character and flavour compared to commodity tea which, is tea manufactured for the purposes of maximising yield for an acceptable quality.


Specialty tea is leafy grade tea produced with the intention to enhance and fully express the characteristics present in the leaf and in the aroma producing plants, it is typically hand-picked and sometimes hand rolled. Commodity tea uses more of the leaf and accelerated manufacturing practices that speed up production but lose complexity. The yields are very different, specialty tea produces smaller yields but teas of significantly higher quality.


Chamelia Specialty Tea is our new range of exclusive tea and is limited in supply. The tea is sourced at peak season due to flavour enhancement and typically ranges in price from $150-$300 AUD, the expense typically relates to the amount of effort and labour when producing the tea and this is the main difference between specialty and commodity tea.

CHAMELLIA | Specialty Teas

  • This smooth, strong blend of organic Ceylon tea can be enjoyed with or without milk and, despite the name, at any time of the day.