SINGLE ORIGIN - Espresso Roast



Nestled amidst the tall shade-giving trees across the mountains in the region of Apaneca, Ilamatepec, Finca El Cerro is a coffee farm that doesn’t just produce coffee but also mills and exports it as well.

The daily harvest is brought to the mill to be processed in various methods including washed,
semi-washed, natural and honey.

A few years ago, the mill began experimenting with anaerobic processing and has had great results. In this method, de-hulled coffee beans are packed into air-tight containers and fermented for a couple of days.
Locking out the oxygen from these containers help bring out flavours otherwise not observed. Environmental-friendly growing methods, meticulous seed selection and careful fertilisation methods are some of the steps taken at Finca El Cerro towards sustainable coffee cultivation.

They are also dedicatedly working for the welfare and benefit of their team members through numerous healthcare and education programs.


NOTE: This single origin is generally roasted to order - all orders are processed on Mondays and roasted, packed and posted out by Wednesday.

EL SALVADOR | Single Origin

  • El Salvador | Finca El Cerro - Apaneca