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Kali premium drinking chocolate is 100% natural, gluten free and dairy free. Created as a sophisticated drinking chocolate, Kali provides rich enticing flavours expressed by a blend of West African natural cocoa and natural sugars. Kali is sure to inspire enjoyment and a positive change in mood, and is best accompanied by full cream milk, nut milk or soy.

Available in 250g or 1kg bags

KALI - Original 33% Drinking Chocolate

  • For best results, begin first by taking a milk jug and adding 8grams of fresh chocolate mix for each 100mls of full cream milk or soy and steam with the wand of your espresso machine until you reach the desired temperature (typically 65 degrees celsius). Garnish with our couverture dust and serve.

  • Made in Australia from Local & Imported Ingredients. Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa. Package Size: 250g or 1kg