SINGLE ORIGIN - Espresso Roast - Mexican (Organic)


Mexican Chiapas is the oldest and largest coffee-producing area in Mexico.

It is blessed with a plethora of microclimates, influenced by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic to the east.

The soaring slopes of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas divide the state as they make their way to the border with Guatemala.

High altitudes, abundant rains and rich, volcanic soil create ideal growing conditions. Light forests of indigenous trees shade coffee crops whilst providing critical protection to a diversity of wildlife. Such dynamic conditions require focussed skill and a lifetime of dedication from the smallholders who are most attuned to the natural elements.


Individual producers hand pulp, ferment in small tanks and dry parchment on their patios.

The cooperative owned dry mill works closely with the farmers to ensure their efforts and meticulous attention to detail shine as they complete the final preparations for export.

For this selection, 100% of the coffee has been sourced from Certified Organic producers.


MEXICO | Single Origin (ORGANIC)

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