PROFITEC - PRO 800 Lever Espresso Machine - for the experienced home barista!


The Profitec Pro 800 Espresso Machine can brew and steam milk simultaneously to make cafe-quality coffee at home for years to come.

The Pro 800 is built for reliability and includes commercial grade lever brew group, a 3L internal tank with a water connection to plumb the machine in, a 3.5L copper boiler controlled with a digital PID and a boiler pressure gauge.

Other features include a large cup warmer tray with stainless steel surround, a large 1L drip tray to maximise the time between emptying, plus cool touch water and steam wands that are easily adjustable.

The Pro 800 with PID also includes signal lights – green to let you know when the machine is ready for operation and orange light to let you know when the water tank shut-off is active. This allows you to easily know when the machine is ready and when it needs more water, keeping your machine in perfect working order and producing the highest quality coffee for longer.

The Profitec Pro 800 espresso machine is the perfect home coffee machine for users looking to upgrade from their entry-level machine.


Included in purchase:

  • 1 x Porta filter for one cup
  • 1 x Porta filter for two cups
  • 1 x Bottomless Portafilter
  • 1 x 1-cup filter 7g
  • 1 x 2-cup filter 14g
  • 1 x Blind filter
  • 1 x Tamper
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 24 months manufacturers parts warranty




AU$5,000.00 Regular Price
AU$4,699.00Sale Price
    • Dipper (one-circuit) system
    • Heavy duty lever brew group (7.8 kg)
    • PID control for regulating the boiler temperature
    • Programmable ECO-Mode
    • When plumbed, the pump is only used to fill boiler during operation
    • 3.5 l copper boiler
    • Switchable from water tank to a fixed water connection
    • Drip tray with about a 1.0 l capacity
    • Connection to a water drainage is possible
    • 2.8 l water tank with built-in adapter
    • Low wear and tear rotary valves
    • High quality steam and hot water pipes
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • A large removable cup tray
    • Additional bottomless porta filter
    • Power usage 230V/1600 W
    • Weight: 35.5kg
    • Dimensions (WxDxH):
      340 x 505 x 420 mm without portafilter
      340 x 575 x 730 mm with portafilter and lever up
  • A PID controller is a device that is integrated into your espresso machine that regulates the temperature so that it stays exactly at the degrees you need to make the perfect cup of coffee.


    PID is an acronym for “Proportional Integral Derivative”.


    Proportional is a comparison between 2 numbers.  In this case, those numbers are the errors or differences in temperature.

    Integral refers to that most important constant temperature you need.  As the temperature goes up and down, the PID controller tries to return the temperature to the integral degrees.

    Derivative is a prediction of what is going to happen to the temperature.  How low or how high it might goes in the future. 


    The PID controller tries to out think what might happen in the environment around the espresso machine, and keep the temperature under control before it happens to go askew.