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RHINO Coffee Gear - Coffee Tamper


There’s no better time to upgrade to a new tamper, the Rhino Coffee Tamper has been designed with both the professional & home barista in mind.


With the ergonomically designed anodised aluminium handle & professionally weighted 304 stainless steel base they weigh in at approx. 500g, they're comfortable to use and very durable.


Tamping is often overlooked, but is critical to the quality of the espresso brew. Ensuring the surface of the grounds in the basket is level and flat is paramount to the consistent flow and extraction of the espresso coffee.


The Rhino Coffee Tamper offers a range of tampers to suit a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.

RHINO | Coffee Tamper

  • Appropriately designed handle  – Tamping is a repeatable action. Doing it over and over again requires the tamp to be ergonomically designed.

    Professionally weighted – With 500g of weight behind the tamp, lean into it without having to place any stress on your wrists.

    304g Stainless-Steel Flat base – A flat and solid tamper, for an even and consistent tamp.

    Options Available –  Available in 53 mm, 58mm & 58.4mm


    This Product includes

    • 1 x Rhino Coffee Tamper
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